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RoboMaster Tello Talent Purchase $240

HuaXia Chinese School ​at Great Valley Summer Program Only

Please choose one of the payments below to purchase the RoboMaster TT for your upcoming summer program!

(This purchasing page is exclusively for the summer program of HuaXia Chinese School ​at Great Valley. If you are not enrolled in this program, please DO NOT place an order via this page, otherwise, your order may not be delivered.)

1. Pay via credit card

2.9% platform fee will be collected on top of the merchandise

2. Pay via Venmo @yibozh


please add a note of your student's name

3. Pay via Zelle

Recipient First Name: Yindividual LLC

​Recipient Last Name: (leave blank)

Email or Mobile:

please add a note of your student's name

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