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Curriculum Preview

  1. Be familiar with Scratch coding based on EP Robot and its dedicated programming platform.

  2. Learn the modules of the EP Robot

  3. Focus on Online challenges and practice

  4. Final boost 

RoboMaster Youth League Series Program 001

Competitions are right in front

For beginners of RoboMaster participants and the newly founded RMYL team, this program provides hands-on experience on the RoboMaster EP robot and the related programming course.  The learning outcome would be the competing score on the RoboMaster North America Online Challenge

Requirements for participation:

  1. Students must participate as a team. 

  2. At least 3 members but no more than 6 on each team.

  3. The participants must be between 11 ​and 17 years old.

  4. The registration fee will be $1,300 for each team. This fee is the deposit of a RoboMaster EP kit. (shipping fee excluded)

Program Detail

Special training program for the DJI - RoboMaster North America Online Challenge, and RoboMaster Youth League Invitational Contest.

4 learning sessions in total, 2 hr for each session. One in-person activity in the Philadelphia area. 

Admission fee: $300 per student.


  1. Once the team is successfully registered, all team members will be invited to join the RoboMaster Youth League Community Group on Discord and Facebook. Please maintain your manner, respect each other and share your knowledge. 

  2. During this program, if you are listed in the top ranking on the Online Challenge Rank Board, we might invite you to our coding webinar. If you do not want to participate or have any related concerns, please contact us ahead of time. 

  3. Each student still needs their own coded program for the Online Challenge. The team's score does not count toward individual performance. 

  4. Students need to have access to a Windows computer.

  5. Two types of certificates will be issued:

    • Certificate of finishing the program​

    • Certificate of high ranking in the Online Challange's Rank Board

  6. After the program, we will retrieve the EP robots from each team. A deduction fee may occur depending on the damage to the robot. If the robot is in good condition, your deposit will be fully returned. Teams can also use the deposit to purchase the EP robot and also earn $100 in-store credit to spend on accessories and robot upgrade components. 

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